Month: October 2014

Marketing Beer to Latinos? You Got It All Wrong Pendejos!

Why do I gravitate towards craft beer? ABOVE ALL, I love the taste of craft beer! That’s it article over! Ok if I had to outline more I’ll try. I love the craft beer community. I love exploring new things. I love being on the forefront of a movement that is taking over the nation. I love challenging the norm. I love craft beer because I’m me and because it tastes so damn good when it hits your lips. According to a recent article posted by Nielsen, inferences from the statistics of the Latino beer market have me loving craft beer because I like...

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Yes You Can Be a Good Mom and Still Be a Craftylady!

First Things First Many might think being a woman in the craft beer world is challenging but try being a craft beer mom and you’ll have a totally different challenge to face. First things first… I do not under any circumstance support nor condone underage drinking but I do support educating them about the truth behind any subject. So with that being said, not only am I a full time mom but I have a full time job too. Did I mention there are only 24 hours in a day? It amazes me to see how well I’m able...

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Parcha, Maracuyá or Passion Fruit? I Call It Blazing World (video)

I grew up living in a passion fruit heaven where limber (popsicles), batidos (shakes) and jugos (juices) were and are the go to fruit next to coconut. You want to live? Go grab a batido de parcha(passion fruit shake), sit on Luquillo beach, eat a papa rellena and watch the beautiful Puerto Rican water. It has always been one of my favorite juices and I still look for it on menus when I’m out. About two years ago I came across Galaxy hopped beer and I was so enamored by its similarity to parcha that I fell in like with the hop. I brewed...

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Shitty People Drink Good Beer? Sexism in Craft Beer

  Two weeks ago the CraftBeerVixen posted a guest article on our site about converting non-craft drinkers to the craft side. It was a great and insightful article and one that I’m very proud is hosted on our site. I’m also super grateful that we had the chance to interact with her and finally hear the voice behind the personality. All of that positivity and excitement came with an unexpected twist, the shitty gulch of the craft beer community. It’s a side of the community I never saw before and one I was really shocked to see in a community...

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Bringing some estroJen to The Keg Tap

I have always enjoyed beer and never felt that it wasn’t ladylike to be a beer drinker. As I educate myself on the different varieties and styles of beer, I always spread the knowledge to my female friends when I have a beer that I believe they would enjoy and is perfect for them. I have tasted so many varieties of great beer and there are still so many more to try which is really exciting and makes me happy to be a new addition to The Keg Tap. We need to break out of these molds and idea’s...

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