HermenBarrelsSo imagine this.  You show up to a party with a six pack.  Everyone gives you a “what up!” when you walk through the door and you quickly find your 4 good friends looking at the table of options.  You set your unmarked 6-pack down and one of your friend asks “What did you bring?” and you reply “It is my home-brewed  Belgian Golden Strong.”  They look at you with some surprise and say…”Oh damn!  Pass me some of that!” Your street cred has increased 247% and your friends want to become you.  Not only did you bring a solid beer to the party…you brewed it your damn self.  Here are 5 reasons to homebrew.

1. Cost EffectivenessJasonia Homebrew Bottles

If you are like many of us, you enjoy the occasional fermented beverage and that enjoyment can cause your wallet to be lighter than you would like.  Homebrewing can be done cheaply and you can walk away with 2 cases of beer for $20-$25 or less.  Now, there are some costs associated with getting the necessary equipment to get started, but just know that the more you brew, the quicker it pays for itself!  If you can keep things simple, buy in bulk and resist the urge to build a monstrosity of a system, homebrewing is an excellent way to save some dough.

2. Understanding Ingredientsweyermann malt

You love those farmhouse ales?  Want to not only love them, but understand them? Try brewing one.  Brewing allows you to understand the ingredients in styles, what each aspect plays in the final product and grants you an opportunity to truly appreciate a well made beer.  Knowing what aroma Citra hops provide, what flavor dark Munich malt gives a beer, what esters that Hefeweizen yeast throws at 75F, will give you the knowledge to not only love styles but to know those styles.  I honestly can say that ever since I started brewing, my knowledge of beer has grown immensely.  Now, I have had to drink some crappy beer to gain such understanding, but that has eventually led to drinking beer that is better than some commercial options.

3. Community


If you are like the Keg Tap, you appreciate the homebrew community.  There is a strong connection between those that brew, both online and in person. One visit to Instagram, Homebrew Talk or the American Homebrewers Association will show you that homebrewers support one another, care about the future of the hobby and are just fun to be around.  The homebrewing community is one of the most genuine, intelligent, welcoming and overall cool group of people I have ever met.  Whether it is an online community or a local homebrew club, homebrewers are cool peeps.

4. Invest in LearningHermen Homebrew Equipment

The amount of hobbies one could have is endless.  My partner actually thinks I have to many damn hobbies, but homebrewing is a passion more than it is a hobby.  This is because I have become passionate about learning as much about beer and brewing as possible.  Whether it is a new book, conversing back and forth on forums or talking with my homebrew club members, there is always something to learn which keeps me hooked.  If you love to take information and apply it, homebrewing is for you

5. Fun

credit: ahaconference.org

credit: ahaconference.org

Whether it is brewday, being mesmerized by fermentation activity or taking that first sip, this hobby is a lot of fun.  There is something really nice knowing where, how and when that beer in your hand was brewed because you did it and not only did you brew it, you had a blast.  For me, brewing is 6 hour meditation session that includes beer.  As long as you can avoid accidentally setting something on fire, don’t drop your hops all over the garage floor or fall into your boil kettle…homebrewing is a fun and cool hobby.

So, there you have it my 5 reasons to homebrew! Take the Keg Tap’s guide to where to start and join the community and fun.  Plus….you will gain an incredible amount of friends when they find out that you have cases of beer laying around.  Cheers!