In the past year I have consumed a lot of beers, most of which I can’t remember(all in the name of research). That was the whole reason behind starting a site, to document the beer that I have consumed over the years so I don’t forget the bad beers and remember the good beers. I can proudly say that my palate has grown and my name recognition has sky rocketed. There are still thousands of beers to drink and with every beer I realize something changes. I’m realizing beers that I loved months ago are mere average now and with every new bottle, my tastes buds change oh so slightly.

Today I had my favorite beer, La Fin Du Monde and as I was eating pho with my glass of tripel, I couldn’t help but think, “this is not that good anymore.” Last month I tasted Tripel Karmeliet and that beer kind of blew me away and rocked my socks. Which makes me wonder if La Fin Du Monde deserves to still be called my favorite.

To decide which beer reigns supreme, the Keg Tap drinkers have decided to pit La Fin Du Monde against Tripel Karmeliet in a a beer smack down. Let’s see who wins and can truly claim the top spot in its category … A le bière!