American Craft Beer Week

Today marks the beginning of American Craft Beer Week which runs May 11-17, 2015. American Craft Beer Week is a way to recognize the craft beer movement and support your local brewery, bar, beer shop and more.

With the explosion of craft beer, American Craft Beer Week is where we step back and recognize craft beer for what it is, an art. This is not your mass produced factory that cares about quantity over quality. This is not your old concept of beer with adjunct ingredients thrown in. This is not beer that is devoid of character. This is the beer that stands up and embodies Americana. It stands with two feet firmly rooted in history and proclaims its stronghold in the fabric of America. This is the beer that is fussed over! This is Craft Beer!

As Americans we take pride in what we produce and that pride extends to producing high quality beer. Join your countrymen and take pride in your beer by joining the thousands of patrons across America in raising your glass and supporting one of the many quality products Made In America!


ACBW Events
ACBW Facebook’s American Craft Beer Week from Brewers Association on Vimeo.