Despite Anchor Steam Christmas Ale 2010 being one of the highlights of my winter, I have always passed this beer up for something else. Its a summer beer, so what is there to expect right? A light crisp pilsner-esque beer that’s more geared towards that Corona crowd and not for the likes of the Keg Tap.  But like the Atkins diet and bread, it has always called to me, giving me those puppy dog beer eyes. With the reputation of Liberty Ale and Anchor Steam in their wake, how bad can it be?

Enter Father’s Day 2011 and in variety pack of summer beers I received, it stuck out and beckoned to be the first one consumed.

I poured the beer into a 12 ounce pilsner glass (the image on the home page is the actual image of the beer) and it’s golden color smacked that Mexican, lime touting beer in the face saying “I am beer, (enter random curse word).” It produced about an inch and a half of head and the way the light hit the glass made it truly look like the Mila Kunis of beers. Needless to say, I was excited to drink this beer and see if it tasted as perfect as it looked.

Smelling the beer you get that wheat pilsner smell and as I started to drink, the head was amazing (keep your mind out of the gutter), it was creamy and flavorful . As I tasted the beer it brought me back to reality and reminded me it was a summer beer. Light, crisp and a hint of lemon, sound like another beer you know(hint: re-read the first paragraph)? That’s when it hit me, this is the perfect beer for the beginners that only know mainstream beers because its a great beer that’s similar to what they are used to but different enough and from a different company, that just might open up their idea of beer beyond the commercials.

So what’s this beer taste like folks? C’mon its there on the tip of your clear colored bottle with a lime sticking out of it! Yes that’s it but with a different label, perfect color and excellent head just might make this the perfect beer for nuebies.

Stay Thirsty, Stay Different!