Author: estroJen

Stevie Nicks Brings all the Pynk to the Yards

  YARDS PYNK Tart Berry Ale I love going through the craft beer isle in my local liquor store, it make me feel like a kid in a candy store.   There are endless…well…you guys understand my excitement I am sure!  I happen to find this YARDS PYNK Tart Berry Ale and couldn’t pass it up for some get ready for a night of fun pre-fun! True to my womanly nature, I am a sucker for cute packaging and clever marketing, there is a cute little pig on the bottle, they donate 1 dollar from each purchase to breast cancer...

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Bringing some estroJen to The Keg Tap

I have always enjoyed beer and never felt that it wasn’t ladylike to be a beer drinker. As I educate myself on the different varieties and styles of beer, I always spread the knowledge to my female friends when I have a beer that I believe they would enjoy and is perfect for them. I have tasted so many varieties of great beer and there are still so many more to try which is really exciting and makes me happy to be a new addition to The Keg Tap. We need to break out of these molds and idea’s...

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