Beer Reviews are Useless - Stone Saison

My office building was a cool 89 degrees with the intoxicating aroma of underarm sweat and no-sock Sperry shoes wafting through the air. My manager comes over and informs us that we could leave and go cool off. What I heard was “leave work and buy beer,” so I did.

I drove directly to the beer shop and purchased a Stone 12 mix pack and it came with Stone Saison, a beer I have seen many times but never bothered to pick up because it scores so low on almost every beer ratings site. See I’m that guy taking way to long in the beer store checking out ratings before making a purchase. Yes throw your stones now or just drink them! See what I did there? ehhhh come on …

Stone Saison scores an 80% on BeerAdvocate, 87 on ratebeer and a 3.47 on Untappd all signs of a beer done gone wrong. That’s a total of 31,188 reviews for all three sites, I mean come on there might be some outliers but averages don’t lie, or do they? In fact averages might be that douchebag friend you think is cool until he starts hitting on your sister.

So back to my opening, beer reviews are useless because while they give you an average, that average might not be what YOU like. Your taste buds might be the ones on the bottom of the bell curve and you could either love or hate a beer while everyone thinks otherwise. Beer reviews are good at giving us a modicum of popular opinion but in the end your opinion is really the only one that matters. Well ok at least mine is!

Use beer reviews to guide your hand and show you at least what other people think but in the end use that brain of yours and form your own opinion and please stop throwing Stone. Ok that Stone Pale Ale 2.0 go ahead and throw that one.

OHHHH right Stone Saison, the beer rocked! Not an A+ beer but totally a solid B+ / A- If you don’t agree … lol like that even matters :) cheers!