Recently Juan had reviewed Full Sail Wassail a hoppy winter warmer and I happened to purchase a sixer for a buddy’s dinner party, which he didn’t like, so I took it home. Thankfully my other sixer was Troegs Mad Elf, which he throughly enjoyed. So here I am with a hoppy beer in my fridge with no one to show it any love. That’s where this review comes in, I’m thirsty and this is sitting in my fridge begging to be consumed.

Now admitedly I’m no hop head, I’m a Belgian Ale yeasty malty kinda guy. The one that salivates to the thought of St Bernardus Abt 12 on tap and who’s idea of a wet dream is consuming La Fin Du Monde from a tulip glass. So that’s my angle, my schtick my way to approach this beer, from the eyes of a Jersey Belgian Ale lover looking for love in all the hoppy places. Pour this beer and you get a beautiful deep mahogany color with about an two fingers of head. This beer pours gorgeous!

Smell the beer and I’m greeted with a nice surprise as you get nothing but a malty smell and this breadiness, which is usually the sign of a good night. When it hits your tongue, it coats it in this smooth creamy carbonated Belgian Ale-esque way. The only way to truly describe how drinking a Belgian Ale is, is like a rich creamy glass of hot cocoa made with real chocolate and real milk. Yeah its like that! I won’t bore you with the citrus, chocolate hints that I get and just tell you that it tastes like a traditional west Coast hoppy beer.

Overall this is a good beer but to be honest I expected more. Juan asked me how I felt about this beer and at first I told him I wasn’t that impressed but that’s mainly because I didn’t feel this went out there and did anything different. It tastes like a dark IPA/Old Ale and that’s about it. Its a middle of the road beer that I enjoyed but I won’t buy it again. That sir ends my night…