Best Beers 2015

The question I get asked the most is “what’s your favorite beer?” That’s a very hard question to answer because beer is constantly evolving and new things are becoming available on a weekly basis. To add to that complexity, dozens of different beer styles and the current seasons can really impact that decision. If you asked me in the summer, my favorite beer it might be an IPA but in the winter it might be a stout, it all depends. So that’s why my answer to that question is “It depends.”

With the explosion of craft beer throughout the last 5 years, variety can become overwhelming. Here in Jersey you can walk into a good craft beer store and see hundreds (sometimes thousands) of options on the shelves. Some labels are more compelling than others with great artwork or catchy names, some are released in limited quantity with wax seals some are a lot more expensive. So how do you know what to buy? How do you know if that wax sealed pint sized bottle of beer is worth the $22? Well I guess you have to try to figure that out :) BUT fortunately this year I have had some stand out beers that I can recommend to you and thus present you with my list of best beers of 2015.

I know markets vary widely so, I will give you my top national brand beer and my top hard to get beer. Also there’s a lot of beers that could be on this list but I limited it to my stand out beers that I’ve actually tasted in 2015 and my national list is just what’s available to me in New Jersey but we have pretty extensive distribution.

Best Beer – National

Best Beer – Hard To Get 

If I had to pick just one of each category: Stone Enjoy By and Other Half Green Diamonds 

***I should mention that Tree House Brewing has been getting a lot of buzz this year but I haven’t had any of their beers, so yeah I’m going to go sit in a corner now.

There you have it my best beer list of 2015, what would you add to this list? Share your comments below and let me know. Cheers!