Game of Thrones Bomber Sized Beer


Being the lover of high quality craft beer but also having two kids and a mortgage payment, I drink in moderation. When I go beer shopping I usually look for beer in a six or four pack something that’s going to last the full week or at least until I have another opportunity to visit the beer store. My only caveat to beer shopping is my wants versus the products on sale and the quantity of said product. High quality craft is usually distributed solely in 22 ounce size bottles (bombers) which on average costs between $9-$13. While I don’t mind the cost so much, I do mind the amount of beer and the single use aspect of bomber sized bottles which makes my beer shopping trips very challenging.

What is a bomber sized bottle?

A bomber sized bottle is a 22 ounce bottle of beer which typically gives you two glasses of beer but that also means its one bottle and once you open it you either drink it or lose it. I have saved a bomber for the next day but the quality takes a hit and forget about two days, you might as well pour it down the drain. So if I buy a bomber of beer I’m not only paying $9-13 for two glasses but also it must be consumed that day. I have two problems with that, First I don’t like to drink more then 12 ounces of beer on a weekday and lastly, that’s down right expensive if you factor in how many bottles you need to get through the week. This is the part where a band plays the violin while I whine about having two always growing kids, a mortgage payment, a car note, cable tv, health care, internet … you know #firstworldproblems (yes I did just hash tag my blog post).

This past month I’ve had an itch for saisons and so I’ve been scouring the shelves of local beer markets to find a saison that will not only quench my thirst for that yeast driven, spicy and mildly sweet beer, but at the same time get me through the week. The higher quality and readily available saisons come strictly in bomber sized bottles Dupont, Fantome, Interlude, Hennepin, Sofie (Paradisi) and while yes I have found the occasional four pack of Sofie and Hennepin, they are extremely hard to find. This is not just a commentary on saisons though as this applies to most of the high quality craft out there, its just not sold in four or six packs.

On some level I understand the need to put it in bombers because of cost. If a bottle of Interlude sells for $20 a four pack would probably sell for double its price but come on does one bottle of beer really need to cost over $20? I also get that these beers are special occasion beers but if you do what I do, there is no such thing as a special occasion beer, I want to try it all NOW! I also understand the limited run concept but put that damn beer in a 12 ounce or at least a pint (as Martin Lawrence would say “Don’t let us all suffer”.)

My beer runs often end with me buying a six pack of IPA because those are great beers you can find in six packs but I grow tired of drinking the same style day in and day out.  Hopefully one day saisons can achieve the level of IPAs and be readily produced in 4/6 packs but until then I will continue to curse the expensive bomber and its single use purpose. #fogetaboutit #done :)

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