The Pocket Beer Guide: The Essential Handbook to the Very Best Beers in the World by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb


I was recently tasked with an interesting assignment – reviewing a book for this website and its viewers. The book is called The Pocket Beer Guide written by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb. The cover states that this is the essential handbook to the very best beers in the world. Hmm, we’ll be the judge of that.  Like the front, the back cover prides itself in being “an on-the-go, definitive guide to more than 3000 beers from around the world.” I better get into this thing.

Looking inside, there is an instruction guide labeled “How to Use This Book” as well as an introduction and sections labeled “What is Craft Beer?” detailing the origins and history of craft brewing, “Beer Styles” and “Beer at the Table.” This no doubt covers beer and food pairing, but not just for dinner. They have pairings for lunch and even breakfast (yay!) meal items as well. Because let’s face it, regardless of where or when it is, it’s five o’clock somewhere.


Going into The Pocket Beer Guide,  there are listings for a number of continents/regions (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, etc)  as well as the countries within them. There are also corresponding, color-coded maps showing each region. This thing is pretty darn thorough, and I haven’t even gotten to the beer yet.PocketBeerGuide1

Each country has a grouping of local craft brewers and their beers, as well as a rating system for them. How informative. The book retails for $14.95 and while that might seem a bit steep for a book you can fit in your pocket, believe me when I say that it is worth every penny. You want to be the most well-informed beer nerd when you’re out with friends and talking craft beer? Look no further than this book. Imagine you’re on a vacation somewhere and you want to find a local brewpub or see what craft brewers are in your local area. Look no further than this book. Say you want to figure out what to order when you’re out to eat and want to match your food with the right brew. Look no further than this book. Cheers!