As you probably already noticed,  we have partnered with The Beer Bros to bring you daily updates. This allows us to focus on the written side of the site and have the Beer Bros focus on the video and review side of the site. We haven’t written too many beer reviews of late and adding video from the Beer Bros is a refreshing addition to the site.

Who are the Beer Bros?

Beer Bros

The Beer Bros are three gents from Texas who blind taste test beers and release videos three times a week. Each week the Beer Bros review three beers of a similar theme and they’ve done it all from Shark Week to Stout Week and guest appearances from Professor Puppet to Allie Knight. You can find their huge back catalog of videos at

In Case You Missed It

The Problem With Craft Beer

The Problem With Craft Beer

You’ve just had your first beer that changed your life and questioned all beer choices before, but what’s next? The Problem with Craft Beer

5 Reasons to Homebrew

weyermann malt

Hermen gives us his top 5 reasons to start homebrewing, as if we needed an excuse! :)