Craft Beer is Dead

I applaud techniques in marketing and how some use sensational headlines and well written humor laced articles to get clicks and no I’m not talking about myself here or maybe I am, am I? Dangit!  Anyway, I read an article about how craft beer is dead, a mostly satirical piece about how one’s passionate distaste for a beer leads him to believe that craft beer is dead.

Ok first off let me say this again, it is satire (at least I hope so) and the sensational headline combined with the humor ridden text drives people to click on the article and then continue reading it. I wish I had the ability to attract so much attention to my blog with a headline like that but alas I digress. We want u to click on the article so we love using catchy headlines. In the last two weeks I wrote Shut Up About Elysian and The Pumpkin Peach Commercial is Genius and while I write honestly and forthright about the topics, I lace them with humor and catchy headlines so that you can click on it and read it. That’s my purpose right, that’s what I do what I do, to express my opinion and do it in ways that incite my readers and by incite I mean click on the article and forward it on or like it on facebook or comment the hell out of it.

Am I defending the article? No, I’m just saying that its a satirical piece meant to make you laugh and attract viewers to the site. Is it funny? No but its on that edge of funny and offensive that makes the piece so attractive. Comedians do it all the time, they skirt offensive topics and throw in humor to make us laugh.

This piece makes me realize the craft community is alive and kicking, and ready to fight, just take a look at the author’s twitter feed (insert maniacal laugh here) It makes us mad, write offensive tweets, nasty comments and write follow-up articles but in the end, it also got you to click and interact with the website it was on! I for one am going to have another beer and hope this all Gose way.