Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine ABV: 8% IBU: ?

The IPA world is enduring a massive shakeup with new beers hitting the market with flavor profiles that shake the traditional IPA. We already saw Julius slide in the rankings like Emilio from Mr Deeds and claim the tops spot amongst some very seasoned and very comfortable IPAs. The number two position on Beer Advocate was just taken over by Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine, an IPA that really should be considered an Imperial or Double IPA. Does this beer live up to its sneakiness? Watch the video above and find out.

Have you had this beer? If so let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Correction: In this video I thought I had tried this beer before but what I really had was a similarly named Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine an IPA with the same ABV of 8%. My apologizes, let the floggings commence.