Let me start off by saying that I really wasn’t a big fan of dark complex beer. I was more of a pilsner-wheat even a blonde drinker. The older I get, I’m starting to realize that my taste buds are starting mature. Now don’t get me wrong I still love my wheat beers but I’m starting to have a great respect for stouts and porters and their complex taste. Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout (WWS) is starting to become one of my favorites not only because of its high alcohol content which is 18%, but because of its complexity. This is definitely a sipping beer.

When I first poured my bottle of World Wide Stout into my St. Bernardus snifter glass, which might be a big no no in the beer community but who gives a damn it’s the only one I have at this time.

At first sight you can’t help but notice its pitch black color with a golden brown hue and an almost non existent head. The alcohol smell is pretty strong and powerful. It’s probably possible to get a buzz off the smell alone. The syrupy taste of chocolate, bourbon and dark fruits help ease the strong alcohol content. World Wide Stout is definitely not a cheap beer, a 12 oz bottle goes for $9 but it’s completely worth it just to try it once. Probably best enjoyed in the cold winter nights.