Fish Tale IPA

Fish Tale IPA photo by besha of

Fish Tale IPA (6.5% ABV, 42 IBU)

Thinking I’d ride the wave of organic, is better tonight I tasted a beer from Fish Brewing Company located in Washington’s capitol of Olympia.This organic IPA is called Fish Tale (6.5% ABV, 42 IBU). 42 IBUs!? Wow that is pretty low for an IPA. Anyway living in Portland I have plenty of friends and co workers who are into organic this, organic that, and not all are hippies. Many people in the NW are like that and love to also do what they can to save the environment like recycle pop cans and ride their bikes to work. That’s cool. But I’m not too much into that. My home town is 30 minutes south of Portland and none of my lifelong friends and family down there give two cents about the difference between organic tomatoes and non organic ones or organic apples or pesticide fed and irradiated ones. Some of my Portland friends swear that organic food is not only better for you but also taste better. Mm hmm, perhaps. Anyway, enough of my commentary … to the beer!

First off just in case you didnt know you were buying an organic beer it has the word on its label 5 times (I bought a 1.6 oz bottle). At first taste I thought: “I like it.” Fish Tale IPA presents with a hazy light amber color complimented with a nice head. For some reason its pesticide free aromas didnt came out too strong. Could there be something wrong with my nose? Yes but unlikely as the cocaine movement ended with disco. There still was the usual smells of citrusy barley and taste as well. Even with a low IBU count for an IPA, it still comes across as sufficiently hoppy for this hophead. Does this certified organic beverage taste better than the non-organic micros? My palate can not tell the difference. Would I buy Fish Tale IPA again? Yes. Cheers!