It’s that time of year again folks. The tree comes out of the attic, the ornaments are unboxed, the smell of cookies being baked fills the air and the sound of jingle bells ring. It’s Christmas time and that means celebrating the giving season. What better what to celebrate giving than by gifts? Here are five great gifts for beer lovers. Cheers everyone!

Gift Certificates

credit: smcgee of

credit: smcgee of

Not sure what your beer lover may want for Christmas? Get them beer! Not sure what beers they may/may not want? Get them a beer gift certificate! It’s like you’ve bought the gift for them, but are thoughtful enough to let them decide exactly what they want. Maybe you can get them to share with you when they redeem it. Try your local craft beer mega mart or an online craft beer retailer like

Personalized Craft Beer Gift Set

Beer Gift Set


What better way to give your beer lover a gift that will be used for years to come? This 6 pack holder includes a bottle opener and two flight paddles that hold three 5 oz flight glasses in each of them. Also, you can personalize the carrier with your gift recipient’s name or a cute message to let them know you’ve thought long and hard about the right gift for them.

Beer Gift Basket

credit: thedavisblog of

credit: thedavisblog of

Like the gift set mentioned above, you’re delivering your gift recipient with an assortment of beers to enjoy this holiday season, but with one twist – you’re adding snacks to it like assorted nuts or popcorn. No beer drinker wants to go hungry while enjoying a cold one, especially during the holidays. You can buy the prefab sets or you can truly personalize it by making one of your own. We fully support the DIY guys here at The Keg Tap.  Here’s a link to the top 250 beers on the planet according to Beer Advocate. This should give you plenty to choose from and make a great gift for that someone special. Throw in some nuts and popcorn or crackers, or maybe a smoked sausage and cheese block to really make this a well-rounded gift.

Beer Literature

Homebrew: Beyond the Basics

Many a beer lover take interest in the process of brewing beer and become home brewers themselves. Here is something you can give your beer lover and aspiring home brewer to read while sipping on a malty beverage they received. Here’s a list of some of the books we have reviewed here:

Home Brewing Equipment

Homebrew Starter KitWhen the brewing bug finally catches on – and it will, believe me – one great gift to give is a home brew kit.  You don’t have to buy them the biggest, most extravagant setup. It’s the thought that counts right? After a couple successful batches, they’ll be more than ready to upgrade their gear and make better beer. It worked for me!

To purchase a kit to get them started like the one mentioned in Irving’s post Basic Homebrewing Equipment – A Guide to Getting Started, visit our friends at

Father's Day Beer Gift

Visit for a huge selection of awesome beer themed gifts.

More Gifts For Beer Lovers

Here are three previous posts on gifts for beer lovers, with this listing and the ones below you’re bound to find the right gift! Cheers!