So let me put this out there … I am a beer snob, HEAR ME ROAR!  I know there is a lot of baggage that comes with being a self-proclaimed beer snob but I am just being honest with myself.  You are probably a beer snob too since you are here reading these words on a craft beer website.  So cheers to you and I.  Beer snobs unite!

Since we have now established the fact that we are picky about our fermented beverages.  I am now willing to say that I am a beer glass snob as well.  I hate the pint shaker glass.  If a bartender gives me not only a pint shaker glass but one that is pulled from the freezer, I am likely to lose my damn mind and Nacho Libre that glass. There is something to be said about a nice craft beer in an appropriate glass.

At social gathers such as family parties, BBQs, tailgates and the like you may find yourself drinking out of red party cups.  First red party cups remind me of beer pong and keg stands and I have moved way beyond those days.  Second, as a beer snob, I enjoy seeing the color, clarity and effervesce of my craft beer (YES that matters) and a party cup just doesn’t cut it.  So pull up your lederhosen and strap on a pair of proper glassware at your next family gathering.



I was able to get my hands on a set of the govino beer glass.  This plastic beer glass is reusable, shatterproof and get this…recyclable!   This brilliantly clear glass allows me to enjoy all of the great things a craft beer has to offer while not having to tote around a glass goblet. The govino beer glass is specifically made for beer and will easily hold a full 12oz of your favorite brew.  A handy little thumb notch makes it easy to hold on to as no one wants spilled liquid gold.


This thing is light and comes with a reusable plastic bag to carry and store the govino beer glass.  My govino beer glass got a great workout this weekend as I did a variety of beer chores in the garage.  Gone are the days of me trying to balance glass on uneven surfaces and worrying about shattered pieces everywhere.  With the govino, it was easy to move around and I could actually even do some chores with beer in hand.  Now that is the way to clean!

This glass offers the best of both worlds,  a clear vessel that offers the same opportunity truly enjoy a craft beer as it should, both visually and taste while also being extremely light and easy to transport.  I would highly encourage that anyone who hates drinking craft beverages out of red party cups to invest in the govino go anywhere beer glass.  You will not be disappointed.

So from one beer snob to another, put down the red party cup and slowly back away.  Go pick up some govino beer glasses and lets bring our snob game up a notch.


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