Coach Joe's Hat Tricks

Coach Joe Avezzano’s Hat Tricks Sports Bar – Lewisville, TX.

When I’m not traveling for work, I don’t like to stray too far from my home, especially on adult beverage night. In fact, my rule of thumb is to stay within a 15 mile radius from my dwelling. Lucky for me, Dallas is 15 min to the east, and Ft. Worth is 15 min to the west, plenty of wiggle room to get in trouble. However, on this special occasion I was invited to Hat Tricks in Lewisville, Tx which can be a 20 to 30 min drive depending on Dallas traffic, which I suspect is worse than Houston (side note: in Texas we measure distance in time, because of the large geographical area that must be covered and traffic). Hat Tricks belonged to the late Coach Avezzano, a Dallas Cowboy legendary coach, and in Texas this status is somewhere between the Gods and Titans.


I was invited to Hat Tricks because there were several Texas Country singers performing that evening. Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, Wade Bowen, and Jeremy Watkins were all playing, big names for such a small venue. This was a rare chance to get to see them all from a stone’s throw away.


When I arrived I did notice a small anomaly, I was one of maybe five or six Hispanics in the venue, to my surprise, not even the cooks or wait staff had a slight tan. No biggie, I was there to drink some cold beers, and listen to some good old Country music. As we made our way to find empty seats, one of the wait staff told us they had plenty of seating up at the front, I was like”heck yea!” We made our way to the front and even reserved some seats for our other guest. Great view, now I just needed a cold beer. When I asked the waitress what kind of beer they got, she said “tonight, only Budlight and Budweiser.” I almost fell out of my chair, then I had an out-of-body experience. In the out-of-body experience I had visions of war, famine, west Nile, and hell on earth, who will read to those three legged kittens….Nooooooo…..!!! Then suddenly through the corner of my eye, I saw it. Someone had a bottle of good old Texas Shiner Bock, salvation! I asked the waitress, what about them beers over don yonder? She said, “oh yea, we gots shiner too” Now we’re talking! Shiner’s been reviewed before, but I won’t say much other than….even though it’s a spring beer, I’ll take it any hot summer day over the two aforementioned beers. Any hoot, I now had great seats, great, beer, and great music.

All in all, the drive out of my comfort zone was well worth it. Not to mention, to my surprise, the pizza was also fantastic. In fact, I went back to Hat Tricks for a second round of pizza.


I also had the privilege of meeting Coach Avezzano’s son, Tony. Great guy, if you’re ever in that neighborhood, stop by and say hello to Tony, and don’t forget the pizza.

RIP Coach Joe Avezzano


Coach Joe Avezzano’s Hat Tricks

101 E Corporate Dr
Lewisville, TX.
1 (972) 315-8406