Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing

Here we discuss the fundamentals of brewing and the easiest way to becoming a home brewer, extract brewing. Extract brewing is the beginner level of brewing and a great first step for anyone who wants to turn an interest into a hobby. Essentially the first step of the brewing process, removing the sugars from the malt has been done and packaged as liquid or dry malt extract. This essential cuts down on the time and equipment needed to brew a beer.

Here I’m brewing a Brewer’s Best Scottish Ale kit. Irving brewed a 1 gallon batch that had a similar process last week in his Homebrewing a One Gallon Beer with a Craft A Brew Kit (video). Later this week Hermen will be brewing an All Grain Batch giving us both Extract and All Grain brewing videos.

Enjoy the video. Cheers!