I’ve been looking for this beer for a while, so when I found it at my local beer mart I was gitty, especially knowing that it was just going to be me and Irene (hurricane Irene) for the next two days. This is a Jersey beer and to be honest I haven’t had that much luck with Jersey beers (except River Horse Brewery) so I’m looking forward to have some Jersey redemption for this Jersey boy.

So I open the bottle pour it into a tulip glass and notice the great color and great head. I smell it and almost get a huge whiff of HOPS. NOOOO RUN FOR THE HILLS PUT AWAY THE KIDS ITS HOPS! I automatically curse the beer and pound the counter in disgust that I got a hoppy tripel. See since I started my tripel voyage with La Fin Du Monde I totally ruined my palate for what a tripel is supposed to taste like. Its like having your first car be a Bentley and your next a Kia, no offence to the Kia owners out there, but there’s a huge difference. So a tripel to me is supposed to be subtly fruity, creamy, smooth, sweet beer, strong in alcohol but not noticeable and not I repeat NOT hoppy.

I forge ahead and guzzle down a nice tasting of Jersey pride and the hoppiness is confirmed. A hoppy tripel great! It reminds me of Westmalle Tripel but not as smooth. Speaking of which it has a great creamy texture but ends bitter because of the hops.  Overall I don’t like this and it will stay in my fridge until I get some hop heads over my place to drink it. I should have stuck with my Steen Brugge.

If you’re a hop head and like tripels then this is your beer, if not spend your money somewhere else. Note to flying fish, want to have the best tripel, get the best tripel and make yours taste similar but different and model yours around that… grrrrh !!!!