So you think you’re a serious beer drinker huh? Well I have news for you, if you’re drinking your beer from the bottle or worse yet out of plastic red cups stop reading here and go sit in the corner on timeout for five minutes for being naughty.

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Ok now that we have that straightened out, let’s get down to business.  First off, get a cup, for reviews of an appropriate cup read my Beer Foul piece on the right glassware. If you don’t have any particular beer glassware, use the widest mouth wine glass you own, I use a large red wine glass all the time. Ok now open your bottle, if you have  a porter or stout, go ahead and just pour it straight on into the glass. Any other beer, tip the glass 45 degrees and pour on the side and once you’ve emptied out half of the bottle or filled the glass half way, turn the glass straight up to 90 degrees. Look at the picture to the left, the gentleman is pouring the beer straight up is trying to force a head on the beer, only do that if its high in alcohol or a dark robust porter or stout, otherwise you’re going to get a glass full of head. Stop giggling!

If you do it right you should get a glass similar to the Great Divide Grand Cru in the picture but with an inch or two of head. If not, you messed up, now go sit back in the corner on time out. Seriously, don’t worry it does take a little practice to get it right. Just remember 45 degree angle, half way up the glass stand it upright and continue to pour.

Also you don’t want that picture perfect glass with head falling over, that’s great for commercials, bad when I paid for that beer.  If you got too much head, just sit it down on the counter and wait a few minutes, the head will dissipate.  Never I mean never blow off, scrape off or pour off that head, I mean didn’t you pay good money for that beer? If its a good quality beer, head if half of the fun.


Tip: if you’re pouring a beer and you don’t see any head, raise the bottle higher above the glass so that the beer drops in from higher with a stronger force.

Stay Thirsty but Stay Different.