After being out of Southerntier Pumking Ale I scramble for my phone and start to read reviews on good pumpkin beers. Having scouted the beer mart for about 20 minuets I finally found one that was on the top of the list. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. I grab the pack and head home.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

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After sitting down with my wife and chilling this beer to somewhere around 45 degrees I get to eating and drinking. At first the beer has a deep orange color with very little head. You can smell the spices and pumpkin so I dig in and take a nice gusto sized gulp and I get a malty ale with spices and slight pumpkin flavor. Here we go again, another “balanced” beer! It tasted more like an ale with spice than a pumpkin beer, but since I paid $12 for a six pack I’m definitely drinking this one. I push ahead and after getting half way down her glass my wife slams the glass down and says “I can’t take this ish anymore I don’t taste pumpkin, pour this ish out.” I quickly grab the Weyerbacher in the fridge and push forward. There ends the saga of Schlafly an average pumpkin ale that doesn’t stand out and ultimately dies in the sea of balanced pumpkin ales.


Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale

When you first pour this beer its a deep mahogany color to it with about 1 finger worth of head that quickly fizzes out.  There’s a slight cloudiness to it but not much.

Take a wiff of this beer and you get a nose-gasm of spices and pumpkin. The cloves and nutmeg pound its chest and stake its claim as a spicy alpha pumpkin beer. Take a sip and you get a beautiful creaminess followed by a nice complex spicy pumpkin pie taste, a combination of all spice, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar. Well hello there nice to meet you! Finally a pumpkin beer that I can taste and smell and make me happy like a school kid on pizza day in the cafeteria. Again the feel of this is creamy coating on your tongue and makes those spices linger just a bit more. Like a second helping of that pumpkin pie that you know you shouldn’t have but you do anyway cause you’re naughty.

Overall this is a great representation of pumpkin beer and its high alcohol content 8% make that $10 for a 4 pack a little more palatable. Cheers to a good pumpkin beer! Way to stand out on your pumpkin soap box and stake your claim.