I had some beer (one seasonal) in my fridge waiting to be tasted. You know they were just chillaxing waiting for their turn to be featured on this site. But they were casualties of not only having company but of company that likes to drink too. They didn’t make it through the weekend. So on my way home today I stopped at Fred Meyer in the Hawthorne District to get an old favorite. If you haven’t been to the Freddy’s on Hawthorne & Chavez you haven’t experienced the best selection of beer in a supermarket in PDX. It’s insane, they have organic, foreign, single long bottles, micro & craft, six packs, hard to find selections and much, much more. I didn’t have time to snap a picture of the area because I was in a hurry (the store claims to have over a 1000 different varieties of beer).

Before my palate delightfully moved toward preferring bitter beer the most a few years ago I tried a wonderful white beer (or maybe more of a pale lager type mixture) from the Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe in Eureka, CA. What you say? Humboldt County in Northern California has a decent brewery and not just huge marijuana farms? Yes, sir. This light golden, easy on the smell, micro is called the Great White (ABV 4.8 – 5.0). The head was an impressive fluffy but the finish wasn’t. There was a small amount of floaties but it wasn’t cloudy like yeasty white beers and it was also not as tasty. On the brewery’s website it lists the many awards this beer has won. I can see why at least when possibly compared to beers in its category. However this beer doesn’t quite surpass the threshold of excellent beers. But its good nonetheless and I must admit that I still like it. The price is decent and it will go over well when I’m with buddies who haven’t caught the good tasting, micro-beer bug and stuck on domestics. Not that I’m talking smack about this beer comparing it to a domestic but in some ways it is. Cheers!