Lagunitas Lucky 13 Mondo Red Ale 8.8% ABV 60 IBU

Last month my daughter was born on the thirteenth of the month and after posting that on our twitter account I found out that 13 was a very popular day for craft beer folks in NJ. Not only did a couple bring a baby into the world the same exact day but also our own Jason M celebrated his birthday and Mike from NJCB had his son on the thirteenth of a month. With that number floating around my head I had to celebrate that number is some way and since I don’t gamble I thought I would pick up beers with the number thirteen in it. Enters Lagunitas Lucky 13 a beer that Jason C picked up for me in New York.

Lucky 13 had me a little confused only because it bills itself as a red ale yet the hop additions really have this tasting more like an IPA then a red ale. Traditionally Red Ales are malty beers and while this had a nice malt addition, the hops brought this closer to more of an IPA style. That aside this was a great beer that I was really thankful for having tried and  being a recommendation from fellow twitter folks, I’m even that more grateful.

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Keg Tap Rating: A-

Lagunitas Lucky 13 photo

Lagunitas Lucky 13