Lompoc Brewery Proletariat Red

Lompoc Menu photo by TarynMarie of flickr.com

Proletariat Red 6.2% ABV 45 IBU

Tonight I picked up Proletariat Red by Lompoc Brewery, a beer from the other category of beers that I like (besides IPA) Red/Amber ale.   This beer is for the working man says its label and website inspiring Beer Volutions (so says Irving) is all about defending the hops and malts to the death!!  I featured a very hoppy beer from the same brewery back in September called C-Note and I found that one to be respectable.

The Proletariat Red  poured like a champ and it’s head grew like it had a pair and did its job keeping in the tasty brew ready for my consumption. It’s color was deep amber similar to some IPAs and  goes down smooth when drinking making it easy to drink. Mindful of it not being an IPA and being low on the IBU scale, this Red holds its own. One thing that I didn’t like was the sort of lingering malty taste which I kept hoping wouldn’t last so long, not a big deal though.

Overall Proletariat Red falls a bit short in the flavor department. The best way I can describe it is by simply saying it doesn’t have a bold flavor, which for me, is an indicator of a outstanding brew. Will I drink this again? You bet! Well made micro. Cheers!

Lompoc Brewery Proletariat Red

Beer label by http://www.mustlovebeer.com