Ranger Creek Love Struck Hefe ABV: 5.4% IBU: ?

Love Struck Hefe is brewed in the traditional German style with a healthy dose of Texas attitude. A traditional weizen ale yeast gives this 5.4% ABV brew a nice banana nose, balanced with clove. Consistent with German tradition, it was mashed to bring out a deep, golden color along with a touch of malty sweetness. We also altered the water here in San Antonio to match the water profile of Munich, which accentuates the German Hefe flavors. Love Struck’s name is inspired by the Stevie Ray Vaughan song, which gives the beer an electric, summer time energy. Like a traditional hefeweizen, the yeast will be roused before serving resulting in a cloudy appearance. This recipe won gold in several homebrew competitions, which got us just cocky enough to start our brewery.

(text credit: drinkrangercreek.com)

Love Struck Hefe