Magic Hat Art Hop 2016

The first bottle of beer to shake me down to the core was St Bernardus Abt 12. That beer embodied everything I wanted in a beer and everything I didn’t realize beer could offer, it truly opened up the gates of awesome beer and set me down a path of exploration. Many beers and years later I realize that I really don’t reach for the Belgium beers any longer and the first thing I want is a nice big American IPA not the big Belgium Quads. I still love those beers just my palate has changed over the years and I want something different.

Last year I had Sixpoint Abigale and I thought I had found the beer to bring me back into the Belgian beer fray but it was a one off and I was never able to find another American Belgian beer to cuddle up with. In walks Magic Hat Art Hop 2016 and I’m reminded that my modern American hoppy palate can enjoy a Belgian style beer again if done right. Watch the video above and if you’ve had the beer, please let me know with comments below. Cheers!

Magic Hat Art Hop

Malts: Pilsner
Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade
Additions: Blood Orange, Orange Peel, Sage

8.0% ABV 40 IBUS 5 SRM

Magic Hat Art Hop Ale