Magic Hat Winter Mingle

Sitting by the fire with your fully decorated and lit Christmas tree listening to sounds of Chuito while the smell of mashed up plantains wafting through the air as the pasteles boil away in the kitchen. Its that time of year where you can almost taste the pernil on your lips and your knees get weak from the thought of the forthcoming gallons of coquito. You nod off to the thought of bacalaitos only to be awaken to the sounds of La Parranda Fania blasting through the speakers urging you to get up and move even if you don’t know how to dance. That’s Christmas in my house good food, good music and good beverages con sabor!

This year I’m in search of a good beer to bring over to my family’s house for the festivities because last year’s offering wasn’t much of a hit (they weren’t ready). In search of something easier on the palate but still packed with some sabor to keep my family hydrated between the shots of coquito, last night I had Magic Hat Winter Mingle. Its labeled as a 5.8% stout with vanilla and to be honest I didn’t get much of the vanilla what I did get was a stout that coats your tongue with a slightly smokey coffee quality with a touch of vanilla that’s more prominent in the aftertaste. Its an easy drinker that packs enough flavor without being overly complex which should appeal to my noob family members. Its low alcohol content will delay the fights over dominos played con trampa and make our nights a little more enjoyable.

Magic Hat Winter Mingle would probably pair nicely with both the fatty garlicy pork (pernil) and the side of arroz con gandules that we will be having. Salud y Feliz Navidad you filthy animals! :)