New Holland Dragons Milk

New Holland Dragons Milk credit: Another Pint Please of

I am a transplant to the Rocky Mountains but hail from the state of freshwater lakes, warm sand and New Holland Brewery.  When New Holland Brewing started distributing to Colorado, I was instantly transported back home.

One of New Holland’s most popular beers is the infamous Dragon’s Milk.  This bourbon barrel imperial stout does not disappoint.  I will bring you through my review of this beer.

New Holland Dragon’s Milk

Appearance: This beer pours a beautiful black viscous base.  Wonderful pillow tan head that has a creamy texture. The head dissipates quickly.  If you were to hold this up to light you would see…nothing. Ah, just like it should be.

Aroma:  Wow!  Sweet bourbon jumps right out of the glass.  This in conjunction with the malt makes a complex aroma of bourbon alcohol, roasted specialty malts, vanilla with a touch of caramel.

Flavor: Now we are talking!  Big notes of vanilla is evident up front.  Lots of roasted malt carries this beer from the front to back.  A hint of licorice and tons of oak.  This beer carries a big punch as the oak and bourbon are very evident and linger after each sip.  Warming alcohol is very evident.  Each ingredient isable to shine yet works in beautiful harmony together.

Mouthfeel: Very smooth beer with a full-medium/full mouthfeel.  This beer coats the inside of your cheeks and tongue as a constant reminder of quality beer.  Creamy withsome slickness.  Medium-low carbonation.

Overall: Yes! Yes! Yes!  I am not a huge fan of big stouts but this one hits the spot.  A big bourbon barrel beer that really sets itself apart from the others on the market.  This beer is smooth, has great complexity and is perfect for anyone wanting a tastebud assault.  Do yourself a favor and pick up New Holland Dragon’s Milk.

I have to say that I am excited to have New Holland Brewing now available to me in the mountain range.  For me, Dragon’s Milk is not just a great beer but a sip of home.