flight of new beer

credit: Zach Zupancic of flickr.com

The great thing about New Year’s Eve and the following day is that we get to say goodbye to the previous year and start off fresh on a brand new foot. We get to write the script again and make good on promises made last year that we never fulfilled. In keeping with this age-old custom, why not implement a change to your beer selection? Of course, it’s common sense to know that we all have our favorites and our “go-to” beers that we cannot live without. Since we are in a new year and the slate has been wiped clean, why not venture out into the unknown and try a new flavor you haven’t had before? It’s not like you’re cheating on a significant other, and once you’ve had your taste of this new flavor you can always return to your malty or hoppy staple guilt-free.

“How do I commit myself to such an endeavor?”- you may ask. The first thing to consider is when you’re out at any good craft beer bar, they usually offer flights on the menu. That way, instead of committing yourself to paying $8-10 (or more) on something you may or may not like (or frankly something you can’t stomach) you’re only obligating yourself to about 4 or 5 ounces of a particular flavor. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to order it ever again. If you do like it, that’s one more option to have and less time spent looking at the menu board thinking “man, what should I have now?”

New Beer

Another thing to consider – usually when hitting the local craft bar, people often travel in packs. When you go to the bar and order a flight, encourage your friends to do the same. They can make different selections than you and once you’ve all been armed with your paddles of goodness, you can all share a taste or two from an even greater number of flavors. And as mentioned before, once you find one or two you like, head back to the bar or speak to your waiter – if you have one – and order a pint of that brew for you to savor again. Happy New Year! Cheers…