The Dog Whisperer Looks Confused

Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout – 8.9% ABV

I sit here watching my favorite TV show, the Dog Whisperer and thought it was only fitting that I break open a bottle of Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout by Flying Dog Brewery and tame that beast. For the past year I have been on the hunt for a beer that stands up to Founders KBS, I thought CBS would have been that beer but sadly I found it too sweet. In the past year I’ve tried a number of coffee stouts only to be disappointed time and time again, until a few nights ago. A few nights ago I had the fortune of having Terrapin Wake and Bake for the first time and I was blown away after the first sip. So today I was determined to find it and after getting a call from Jason M, informing me that he just bought some from my favorite beer mega mart Buy Rite Jersey City, I ran over there like a 10 year old at a Justin Bieber concert. I get there and to my disappointment they had just sold the last of the beer to Jason M… Good one J!

Ok so asking AJ, the beer manager, for a comparable coffee stout he points me to the beast Kujo and he’s a knowledgeable guy so I take his advice. The sixer ran me $14,(OUUUCH!) and if I would have known before check out it was so much, I wouldn’t have purchased it, luckily I didn’t. I get home, turn on Nat Geo, crack one open, smell it and I get this whiff of coffee and chocolate, how bad can that be, right?

What came next was a complete shock, this beer without any fan fare, without the $60 bottles on Ebay, without the lines at the brewery, without being super hard to find, this beer managed to rock my socks like no other beer has done in a while. I take that first sip and I automatically thought “this is a DAMN good beer.” Tasting it and you get this rich coffee chocolate flavor that coats your palate like warm blanket on a cold winter night. My only caveat with the beer is that it doesn’t have that super rich velvety feel like KBS, I mean its there but could be better.

Overall this is a great beer! Was it worth the $14? Yes! Would I buy this again? Hell yeah! Flying Dog made an outstanding beer and I’m really happy that this beer isn’t one found on Ebay for $60 or one that I have to make shady dark alley swaps with Mortimer for (yes a Trading Places reference!) This, much like the Terrapin I had, is a hidden gem and I highly recommend you at the very least by a single bottle and taste this for yourself.

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