Old Harbor Coqui Helles Lager 4.75%ABV

Disclaimer: This episode was filmed entirely in Spanish, even though I’m writing in English now. I’m a terrible writer in Spanish so I’ll spare all of you the agony of deciphering my broken written Spanish. Also sorry about the poor video quality my wife kicked me out of my normal video spot.

I was in Puerto Rico during August of 2011 and I happened to stumble upon a brewery by chance. I was looking for a place to buy some quality craft beer and I couldn’t find anything but I came across something decidely even better, Puerto Rico’s only craft brewery Old Harbor Brewery. I was amazed to find a craft brewery on the island so I had to buy some bottles for R&D and gifts. I ended up purchasing Kofresi Stout and Coqui Lager of which are both excellent beers.

I didn’t get the opportunity to eat at their restaurant but its tucked away at the bottom of the hill in Old San Juan right before you get to the piers. Below are some pics I snapped of the brew pub. I didn’t have my slr so that’s the best I got with what I had on hand.

Overall Old Harbor Coqui  was a nice refreshing, lemony, slight hoppy,  mildly malty lager. Admittedly I don’t really fancy light lagers but I gave this one a try nonetheless and I was very surprised. I could see myself on the sands of Luquillo beach drinking a Coqui beer in a hammock swinging under the trees and enjoying the coastal Puerto Rican winds while the piragua man rings his bell and screams out “PIRAGUA PIRAGUA PIRAGUA” while the smell of roasting pig wafts in the air … Sorry I totally blacked out for a moment there :) oh man would I love a vacation right now.

In the meantime, enjoy Old Harbor Coqui lager by my favorite island in the world La Isla de Encanto, Puerto Rico. Salud!

The Keg Tap Rating: B+