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Summer 2013 Beer Picks

As the automatic door opened letting us out of the nice cool Ikea, it hit me hard and with all of its fury. See inside of Ikea you wander aimlessly for hours forgetting about the outside world and this time I forgot that there was a heat advisory in effect. When I stepped out of the store I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of heat and let out a very necessary “DAAAMN IT’S HOT.” So I walked to my car with my family in tow and sat on my nice fancy leather seats. After burning the first layer of skin off of my backside, I read the dashboard and it displayed a current temp of 101 degrees, got to love a Jersey heat wave. Needles to say, it was time to cool off with a nice refreshing summer beer and also time that we updated our summer beer list.

So here it is folks our 2013 Summer Beer list.



  1. Bells Oberon (being from Michigan…this is the quintessential summer beer for me)
  2. Odell IPA
  3. Founders All-Day IPA
  4. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
  5. Odell Double Pilsner


  1. Maine Beer Co Lunch
  2. Ballast Point Sculpin
  3. Southampton Double White
  4. Firestone Walker Union Jack
  5. Goose Island Sofie
Jason C

  1. Firsetone Walker Union Jack
  2. Sixpoint Resin
  3. Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree
  4. Ballast Point Sculpin
  5. Sixpoint Apollo

Jason M

  1. Ballast Point Sculpin
  2. Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss
  3. Stone Enjoy By
  4. Sixpoint Resin
  5. Firestone Walker Double Jack