As a child I used to go on field trips to the Ballantine House in Newark, NJ and I used to walk around mostly bored at all of the old stuff. I didn’t really appreciate what I was seeing, I just wanted to get home and watch Voltron and G.I. Joe cartoons. I took my daughter there about six years ago and she probably felt the same way I did then, snoozefest. Recently I found myself in the halls of the Ballantine House again and this time not as a spectator but as an active participant in the revival of the story behind the walls.

Ballantine IPA

Around September of 2014 I received an email from a PR company of Pabst Brewery wanting to send me a press kit of the new Ballantine IPA. I responded in length about how I have an affinity for the brand since the former owner, of my recently purchased home, used to work at the Ballantine Brewery in Newark. One thing leads to another and I find myself not only in the halls of the Ballantine house but being an active player in the revival of the new/old Ballantine IPA. I was able to meet Greg Deuhs and chat with him about process, I was able to hear personal stories of everyday life at the brewery and get a history lesson from a Rutgers University professor on all things Ballantine. It was a magical day one that I will not forget.

Watch the video above and you’ll see me on the stool, with a sweater in 70 degree weather, rambling; the older gentlemen in the video Joseph, is the former owner of my home. A witty, funny and boisterous man that always finds room to throw some humor in the conversation. If you haven’t tried the Ballantine IPA I urge you to go out and purchase the Original American IPA. The IPA that most other IPAs of modern times are molded after and you too can be a part of history. Cheers!