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What caught my eye while I was at the mircobrew section of one of my local corner stores, was a bunch of cans in six and four packs with fancy black holders (that’s the technical name :)).

“Hmm” my inquisitive mind hummed to itself. Investigating further, I found that most were from Maui Brewing Co. from Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a beer from that brewery before, so I was further intrigued. I saw their porter and wheat beers but was unimpressed, then I came to their IPA and once located, I had a delightful smile on my face. On the way home, I have to admit, that I was more excited to learn why the brewery chose to ship their beer in a can and not bottle than tasting the beer because I have never had a mircobrew from a can. Well their website has one word for it: sustainability.

“The Hawaiian Islands host millions of tourists annually. The tourism industry is significant in keeping our state economically healthy. For this reason, as well as for the cleanliness of our environment and safety of all, cans make the most sense!

For one, cans don’t break like glass bottles do and it is particularly important for us to do whatever we can to keep our 120 miles of coastline, 30 miles of beaches, and other public areas free of broken glass! Cans can be recycled, are virtually unbreakable, and are lighter to carry and easier to chill than bottles. Also, key to the purity of our beers: cans eliminate light damage and the risk of oxidation. This will ensure that our canned microbrews will be flavorful, brisk, and satisfying.”

– Maui Brewing

Maui Brewing Company’s IPA is called the Flying Hi.P.Hay (6.8% ABV, 68 IBU). According to the can and brewery website, this tasty seasonally released brew is a tribute beer to a mentor of lead brewer Scott Freitas, who happens to be from Eugene, OR. Why am I not surprised that this good IPA has a connection to Oregon? Scott’s favorite quote is “when in doubt add more hops.” AMEN BROTHER MAN!!! Respectfully some proceeds of the sales are contributed to the foundation of the prevoulsy mentioned mentor, Glen Hay Falconer Foundation. Specifically the funds help brewers and home brewers, most definitely a good cause. On the can it says “[E]njoy, lift your can, and say ‘Hay’!”

Now to the stats. The brew pours delightfully well and is topped off with a white/light brownish, fluffy head. It’s body was a bold and almost defiant cloudy amber. The aroma was classic IPA fruity and after I tasted it for the first time my first thought was “damn this is really good!” The finish, as one would expect from its delicious smell is malty and hoppy strong. YUM! The finish dragged on a little longer than I like and that taste was from the hops. Even for this hophead I really didn’t like that bitter taste hanging around for too long. With that said this is a well made craft beer, I recommend this brew to all and will  most definitely continue buying it as long as its around. Hay!

Maui Brewing Company

910 Honoapiilani Highway #55
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761