Philly Beer Week

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Philly Beer Week

One of the biggest beer week’s in the nation, Philly Beer Week, kicks off this week and promises not to disappoint. Hundreds of festivals, dinners, events are jammed into ten days (5/29 – 6/7) and if you’ve ever been to Philly you already know that the city itself already has great beer, add the hundreds of events going on that week and you’re on the road to having a fantastic week.

If you’ve never been to Philly there are some notable stops during Philly Beer Week: Monk’s Cafe, Eulogy, Standard Tap and Tria. Philly also gets awesome beer distribution so if you can, stop by The Foodery and Craft Beer Outlet to pick up some great packaged goods.  There are tons of bars though so check out the website for more information and all the events. Also there’s a ton of good eats in Philly, so do your homework and you’ll have a fantastic week of good eats and good beer.

Opening ceremony ticket prices are $46 but if you can’t make it on a Friday don’t worry, you have the whole week to enjoy fantastic beer events.