Have you ever tried to get your female friend to enjoy some of that liquid gold only to hear “Beer tastes like pee?” I know that burns my britches too and makes me curse the day Big Beer ever entered mainstream America. I admit, some of those $1.50 for a 16 ounce cans of American Pale Ale reminds me of writing my name in the snow too but gosh dangit there’s more to beer than that.  So when I hear that lunacy, I hear “CHALLENGE,” like Bill Cosby challenging Sandman Simms on the Cosby Show.

So when looking to have “movie night” with a prospect, I have a prescription for the cancer that is American Pale Ale. Lindeman’s Peche Lambic, you’ll think its Peach Ice Tea but more importantly she’ll think its finally a beer she can drink or might not even know its beer, but who cares right? lol

So here’s the plan, get yourself anything you like and get her the Lindeman’s Peche Lambic. The way the bottle looks you could probably pass this off as champagne because there’s even a cork in the bottle, which you have to pull out with a cork screw. Pour her a cup and pour yourself something else and just tell her you bought her something special, which you did. Shhhh. After she is done with her second glass and the bottle is almost empty either drop the beer bomb or keep it your secret and enjoy the rest of your “movie night.” Either way you just got that “beer tastes like pee” girl to drink beer, which will hopefully open her up to beer and make your next date start at the beer store and end ….

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