Let’s face it. I’m a big guy. I like my beers big and flavorful ones. I don’t drink light beer and I don’t care about fewer carbs to maintain my slim waistline – I lost that once I got through a year or so of college. I’m a “Bigger is Better” kind of guy and my mantra has always been “Go Big or Go Home.” Recently, I had a series of unfortunate events that prevented me from being able to enjoy my beverage of choice for a few weeks. Why I do tell you this? One, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on life without my favorite nectar and two, I think it could serve as an educational/cautionary tale. I’m all about delivering better ideas.

Issue 1 – Surgery

I got home from my Mexican vacation only to cut the bottom of my foot open (requiring stitches) and fracture my pinky toe. Freak accident like no other. Immediately to the emergency room we go. I get sewn up and am given a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. Neither of these work well with alcohol. So as soon as I come back from vacationing in Mexico where I was stuck with typical Mexican beer – Tecate, Corona, Dos Equis – I was disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy a nice craft beer from the good ol’ US of A. On top of that, because of the meds I’m on, I have to push back my drinking date a week or more. No bueno.



Issue 2 – Sickness

I guess it’s true when they say “when it rains, it pours.” Almost as soon as my foot was healing and I was off my meds and about to be clear to imbibe again, I get sick with a stomach virus. Thanks to some undercooked BBQ from one of my in-laws, I got to hit the men’s room five or six times a day. Uh oh Spaghetti-O. Once again, back to the hospital we go. Once again, I’m on meds. Antibiotics don’t work too well with alcohol, so again I am without my favorite beverage. This is not turning out to be the best return to reality from a great vacation that I would have expected. This is misery in fact.

When I finally got cleared to start enjoying my favorite malted beverages again, I went whole hog realizing that I was behind on my Untappd check-ins and behind in my scheduled beer shopping/drinking/reviewing schedule. Not to mention, I was eager to taste a few new flavors – my stock in trade on a daily basis. I mixed a number of good beers – Pale Ales, IPAs, barrel aged brews, etc. Man, did I regret that as soon as I woke up the next day. I hadn’t realized it, but after being bone dry for two-plus weeks, my tolerance for alcohol had diminished – despite years of practice. And believe me, when you’re closer to 51 than 21 you feel it the next day. You can’t get up and bounce back or enjoy some Hair of the Dog like nothing happened. Aging kinda sucks, but it is reality and no one escapes it. I guess the point to this is that if you have to take time away from your regular drinking schedule – whether you’re a light, moderate or heavy drinker – is to take it easy when you come back from your sabbatical and stick your toes in the water first. Then you get in, one foot at a time. Don’t just dive in and get bombed. You miss the entire point of why you’re supposed to be enjoying this. Right? Cheers…