I was gathering all of my brewing supplies together for my brew day. I open the garage door walked over to my immersion chillers and see nothing but green. Great! My chillers have accumulated a green patina over the winter months and now I have to clean everything off before I begin homebrewing. This easily added another hour on my brew days as I use two immersion chillers when I brew.

Truth be told I still have a bag of Styrian Golding hops on my bookshelf that I put there 3 years ago and only last year reclassified the hops as “aged” for a lambic. Honestly though, I will probably never brew a lambic but it sounds better than admitting I’m a lazy homebrewer.

Don’t be lazy homebrewer Irving and instead properly store your homebrew stuff so you can enjoy a sucker free homebrew day.

Storing Homebrew Supplies

The folks at Next Door Self Storage have put together a handy infographic on How to Store Your Home Brewing Supplies. Print this out post it above your bed, in the bathroom across from the toilet, your man cave … wherever you can spend a lot of quality time. Say no to green immersion chillers and aged hops and yes to kick ass homebrew!

Storing Homebrew Supplies

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