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There is something beautiful about enjoying a crisp, light and hoppy pilsner on a warm summer day.  German pilsners are one of my all time favorite styles, both to drink and brew.  This classic style is one that take simple ingredients and creates a unity like no other.  I will be brewing a German pilsner this weekend in preparation for my family’s annual Oktoberfest party.  Below is my Pilsner recipe that I based off an older recipe with some slight tweaks to make it my own and improve from previous attempts.  So, if you are ready to take a dive into lagers, be ready to never turn back.

Sommer Bier

Das Boot Lager – All Grain

Batch Size: 5.50 gallons
Boil Time: 90 minute
Mash Temp: 148 for 60-75 minutes based on preference & conversion
ABV: 5.5-6% depending on efficiency
Water: Adjust for Ph to be in an acceptable range. Ideally 5.2.


10.5# German Pilsner
1 oz Perle @ 60 minutes
1 oz Hallertauer @30 minutes
1 oz Hallertauer @ 20 minutes
Whirlfloc Tablet @ 15-10 minutes
Yeast Nutrient @ 15-10 minutes
1 oz Hallertauer @ 10 minutes

Yeast: White Labs German Lager #WLP830
A big starter or lots of vials will be needed.  Look to get around 400 or so cells.  It is much more cost effective to make a starter.


Place in fermentation chamber to ferment at 50 degrees.  Once fermentation starts to slow, steady raise the temperature to 65 degrees for diacetyl rest.  Once fermentation is complete and no signs of diacetyl (buttered popcorn) is present, transfer to lagering  vessel.  Lager at 30-35 degrees for a minimum of 4 weeks or to personal preference.

There you go.  You will be sipping a pilsner at the end of summer heading into fall….if it lasts that long.  Comment below on your thoughts on the recipe or share your favorite pilsner recipe.