Thanksgiving Dinner photo by arsheffield of

Thanksgiving Dinner photo by arsheffield of

Thanksgiving Beer

Over the last few years I have had to sit ideally by while wine drinkers claimed their place at the table of thanksgiving everywhere. I’m not averse to wine but grapes can only go so far in variations of flavor. Normally you have either a good, bad or okay glass of wine and while there are undertones and different processes that bring differences and subtleties in the drink, it pales in comparison to the diversity in beers in any one specific style. The diversity in beers allows it to be more easily adaptable and paired with specific foods than wine, making beer the superior choice at your thanksgiving feast.

Ok so by this point you get it right? Beer > Wine. Moving along.

My Recommendations

As I said before beers can easily be paired with specific dishes and this is how I will break that down, by dish. (Side note: I went with American Breweries only)


Sixpoint Brownstone

Since yams are normally prepared with marshmallow topping with maple syrup and cream folded in. If you take the sweetness of the yams and pair it with a slightly bitter nutty ale that cuts the sweetness and accents the maple character through the malts, this beer is perfect.

Cranberry Sauce

Dogfish Head Red and White

What makes your cranberry sauce pop? Orange zest! This beer brings that orange flavor to the front and gives you that Pinot Noir taste which totally accents the cranberry sauce.


The Bruery Autumn Maple

I prepare my stuffing with some walnuts and sausage and the best accent to both of those ingredients is maple syrup. That’s why this beer compliments any stuffing and just makes it sing in your mouth.

Mashed Potatoes

Sierra Nevada Stout

Buttery, starchy with a slight garlic twist, that’s how I roll. What better way to cut down some of that buttery richness then with a nice hoppy stout. This offering from Sierra Nevada is not your average stout which is why it perfectly compliments my mashed potatoes.


Southern Tier Iniquity

I like my turkey to come doused in gravy, if there isn’t a healthy portion of gravy trickling down every inch of my turkey, I’m not a happy camper. To that rich and wonderful gravy party I like to cut it with a nice bready, spicy and hoppy beer that’s where this beer comes in and takes over.


I love my Belgium beers and I would be remissed if I didn’t include one of my favorite styles. So with that I give you one American style Belgium beer and all-nighter Brown ale.

Ommegang Abbey Ale

One of the best Belgian Ales brewed in America period. This has to have a place on your Thanksgiving table

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale

This ale is lower in the abv scale 6.7% and provides you with so much flavor in both roasted malts with a fruity twist. Overall this is a great beer that won’t fill you up too much and will go with just about anything.