I’m from the East Coast and I never embraced that Hop head movement, in fact I think I would say that I go in the opposite direction. I love Belgium beers that are all about malt and yeast from La Trappe to La Rocherfort, those to me are the best beers in the world. In the US Belgian beers are embraced but not as prevalent as the hop forward beers of say the West Coast.  I can deal with that though when I’m home brewing and buying a beer but when I got out and I’m at the mercy of an establishment, I can’t.  I go to a bar with 30 taps and 20 of them are IPAs with an IBU totally beyond me and I’m frankly tired of it.

Enter Stage Right: Beer Rant. I want more wheats/wit, doubles, tripels, quads, stouts, porters anything but an IPA. Let’s leave the hoppy beers for the West Coast, because let’s be honest we can’t compete with them. I say we go the way of the Ommegangs and Unibroues and embrace the Belgian malty, yeast forward beers and start our own Beer Volution here on the Right Coast :) Watch the video above of my beer rant and don’t forget to comment below.

Stay Thirsty but Stay Different! Salud!

Jimmy McMillan on Beer - The IBUs are Too Damn High