Shallow Craft Beer

As a lover of craft beer I find myself constantly looking for new, different and highly rated beers. I’ll admit to being that guy that doesn’t like to spend money on a beer under a 88 BA score, yeah life’s too short right? That finicky behavior makes me overlook quality beer due to a lack of confidence in a brewery, a communal average (BA score) and triteness. As a lover of craft beer, I’ve realized that its very nature has turned me into a shallow craft beer lover, always in search of the 100 rated beer and never settling for beers beneath me.

A week ago I was in the beer store looking for something new to our distribution market and something that would make me the envy of all my friends on Untappd and Instagram.  I walked up and down the aisles and couldn’t find anything, this always happens to me, a 5 minute trip to the beer store always ends up being a minimum of 30 minutes pacing up the aisle mumbling, googling, being all around indecisive and looking 100% crazy. When I couldn’t figure out what to buy, I remembered a YouTube video from Robby94LS where he reviewed Sam Adams Rebel Rouser, so I pulled a sixer out of the fridge and made a B line for the register.

Rebel Rouser

Sam Adams Rebel Rouser is a solid Double IPA and I’m happy with my purchase. This got me to thinking though, if I enjoy this beer, one that I wouldn’t consider because of its semi-big beer status what else am I passing up? What else is out there waiting for me?  Most importantly am I letting the Shallow Craft Beer Lover in me, get the best of me?

The culture of craft beer has expanded so rapidly that we as craft beer lovers have become spoiled with the latest and greatest. With beer stores stocking hundreds of different beers, bars with 100 taps and over 3,000 breweries in the USA, some of us have become a shallow lot. Yeah beer is delicious and yeah life is short but breweries like Sam Adams and Magic Hat are making some good beer you just have to give it a shot and stop being so shallow. Craft beer is about drinking good beer not being a snob, mocking beers or bashing breweries but drinking good shit without pretension.

If you are like me and place a value on ratings, I challenge you to overlook the number score, read the review and pass judgment based on its perceived qualities not an arbitrary number.

Cheers you Shallow Craft Beer Lover!