Unibroue 17 10% ABV

I’m a big Unibroue fan, mainly because its a brewery that’s relatively close to me and makes awesome Belgium style beers (my favorite style). So walking through the beer store the other day I came across a beer I thought had never seen, Unibroue 17.  Originally named for their 17th anniversary, they have released the beer and kept the name. This beer has won many awards, to which Unibroue 17 proudly displays on the booklet hanging from the beer’s neck. Is it worth all of the hype?

I paid $15 for this one bottle of Unibroue 17 and I’m not sure if I will pay $15 for it again mainly because its a good beer that’s expensive. I don’t mind paying those prices for a great beer but not just a good beer. I’m still a self-proclaimed Unibroue groupie and will continue to dream of bathing in vats of Trois Pistoles and La Fin Du Monde while being fed grapes and fanned by beer cherubs. :)

The Keg Tap Rating: A-