Weihenstephaner Korbinian Dopplebock 7.4 ABV

I’ve developed something of an affinity for Dopplebocks because its the merger of two things I look for in a summer beer, flavor and quaffability. I love dark ales like stouts and belgian dark ales but during the summer months its hard to drink a beer that’s rich and thick and a meal in a glass. When I came across a lager that was able to merge both a refreshing brew with the flavor I love, I was instantly hooked. I brewed my very first Dopplebock during the winter of 2011 and fell in love. In the past month I’ve had a number of different commercial brands including my review of Aventinus.

Today we have Weihenstephaner Korbinian Dopplebock brewed under the German Purity law know as Reinheitsgebot. Under this law only 3 ingredients can be used in the process of making beer, water, hops and barley, this has since been refined to include yeast. As defined on their website:

An extremely dark colored double-bock beer for both stout beer lovers and the beer connoisseur. Extra long and cold storage in our monastary cellars makes this double-bock beer  a realy special beer with medium hops and lots of malt with mild sweetness – reminiscent of malted milk, marmalade and caramel.

Check out the video above to see what I thought of Weihenstephaner Korbinian and don’t forget to leave comments and feedback in the comment section below.

Cheers!Weihenstephaner Korbinian