Drunk Man photo by Darin Barry of flickr.com

photo by Darin Barry of flickr.com

I am a firm believer in needing an outlet to the mundane and often routine life we lead as adults. People find that release in many forms, some are runners, some are knitters, some are readers, some, like me, are bloggers.  There in lies my problem, people too often associate my hobby with being that guy, that drunk guy falling asleep or making a fool out of himself, solely based off of my passion to blog about beer. Its an unfounded assumption based off nothing more then a stereotype of what winos and drunks are. I am neither, I am a guy who is passionate about blogging and beer and I have combined the two into one forum that I call thekegtap.com. Beer bloggers have been stereotyped as being something they are not and have been ignored for what they are, passionate folks who have found a hobby to break up the routine of living an adult life.

Am I merely re-branding my passion for beer or affinity for drinking under the guise of blogging? No. My typical day consists of one beer after dinner and yes that means one 12 ounce bottle of beer, not a 22 ounce, not a 40 ounce, not a pint. During the course of a week, I typically imbibe five bottles of beer, one a night for five out of the seven days a week. There are the occasional nights out, the BBQs or the birthday parties that I attend where I might drink a few more on the weekends but typically its five bottles of beer a week. One beer does not make me a drunk more than one glass of wine makes monk a sinner. But I get the negative perception of beer in society and its ill-harbored stereotypes towards those who consume it over a seemingly more sophisticated bottle of wine. Society views wine in a more favorable light, I get it, the pinky finger in the air while you drink crowd.  Yet here I am ranting and defending my position as a passionate hobbyist.

I wonder if I blogged about running would people think I neglect my duties in life to go running? Will people view me as the guy that chose to go running over changing my daughters diapers? Will I show up to parties and people give me the side eye concerned at any minute I could break out in a spontaneous run?

Beer bloggers are just as passionate and dedicated to their hobby as anyone else with a hobby. That does not mean I neglect my duties as a father, husband or career. That means I understand all of my roles and am able to juggle them accordingly, not letting my hobby overshadow/dictate my responsibilities. I am a father changing diapers and styling my daughters’ hair. I am a husband washing dishes, taking out the trash, cooking and remodeling the basement. I am a blogger documenting my passion, not a wino who can’t come to terms with his problem.  I am, just a guy!