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The Lost Abbey Judgment Day Ale – 10.5% ABV

I’ve been fond of the Lost Abbey line of beers since I first had one.  This one, Judgment Day Ale, is a Belgian-style dark quadrupel and it packs a punch. It came in a bomber bottle, 750 ml of Belgian-like love. Right up front it is advertised that this is brewed with raisin and you can definitely find that aroma when you get a whiff of this brew. Its color would tell you much the same, it has a dark mahogany brown color, nice and thick, not much clarity in this one. No matter, it looks appealing enough. I’ve had their Deliverance Ale and thought it was pretty stellar, let’s hope this follows suit.

I liked the look when I grabbed the bottle and peered over it. I was pretty excited about this because it’s from a line of great beers and it smells fantastic. Aside from the raisin aroma I initially mentioned, there is some definite dark fruit action going on here; plum, raisin, dates and dark malts are what come to mind. With all that my nostrils are experiencing, my taste buds have gotten jealous and formed a coup. They want in on this! Time for a pour.

Lost Abbey Judgment Day pours a dark, thick brown with a fluffy tan head that seemingly lasted for days. One way to kill it quick though is to imbibe. The moment I tasted this, I was in awe. Like the aromas presented earlier, the flavors of raisin, dates, plum and brown sugar or molasses really come into play. This is a strong malty beast with a good amount of earthiness in it. You can definitely taste the alcohol and candied sugars as well. There is so much going on it’s almost hard to keep from being distracted. New flavor elements just start popping up and taking their turn at bat, this is a pretty complex beer and very sweet. The sweetness definitely makes its presence known, coming in to support the dark malt framework.

Deep, dark and sweet, like molasses. Lost Abbey Judgment Day is a sipper in my opinion. It is a quad after all, and should not be taken lightly. Nicely carbonated, very strong alcohol presence, sweet finish. Give this one a shot if you dare, but prepare for the armageddon that is sure to follow. Judgment Day ignores no one….


The Lost Abbey Judgment Day Ale